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Her eyes opened slowly at the sound of voices. The darkness was lifted and she was forced to squint in order to make sense out of the blurs invading her field of vision.

"Yes, that looks like it healed nicely…" One voice announced.
"Be careful Doctor," another voice warned, "you patients dangerous…"

Sylar glared treacherously at the figures looming over her body. One was obviously a Doctor in a white lab coat, female. While the other two were a couple of cops. Slowly she was beginning to make sense of her surroundings. An infirmary of some sort was her best guess, in a jail considering she was wearing an orange jumpsuit. Sylar growled to herself softly in distaste.

"You got anything you wanna say to the judge, you better start thinkin' of it now…" The dark skinned cop in the sunglasses said.

Sylar rolled her eyes.

"You're wasting your time," the other cop shook his head, "let's get a hold of Troy…"

The three headed off and Sylar closed her eyes again, the lights were beginning to give her a headache. She sighed deeply, hissing a breath through her teeth. What the hell was happening? Right now, she couldn't remember worth shit…

"Psst," a voice whispered, "hey! Is it really you?"

Slowly turning her head, Sylar saw a guy wearing a purple hat peak out from behind the curtain of the bed next to hers. She raised an eyebrow curiously,
"do I know you?"
"My brother was in the Saints," Sylar could tell right away from his accent he was Mexican, "and he told me all about you. Listen, we gotta get you outta here."
"Well," she grinned, "I'm sure if we ask nicely…"
"I know a way out." He said confidently.
"Yeah, then why are you still here?" She challenged.
"I heard you were in here and I wanted to bust you out…" By her expression she knew that Carlos knew she wasn't buying it. "Getting out is a two person job and no one else will give it a try."
"You really expect me to trust some guy I don't even know?"
"Come on," he begged, "I just got myself shanked so I could get a chance to talk to you. Doesn't that show I'm loyal?"
Sylar shook her head, "it shows that you're dumb enough to let yourself get stabbed…"

She lay back against her pillow; he wasn't making a good enough argument for her to trust him. It was too big of a risk for her. Or so she thought…

"I'm trying to help you!"
"Do you know what I got last time I trusted somebody?" Sylar snarled, "blown the fuck up!"
"You need me."
"The hell I do," she rose from her pillow defensively, "I got the Saints!"
He laughed, "sure you do."
"What's that supposed to mean?" She was beginning to get angry now.
"How long do you think you've been out?"
"Hey I don't know man," she shrugged, "two, maybe three weeks."
"Look," he sighed softly, "I know you think you're a bad ass, but do you even know where you're at? Without me, you'll be wandering the prison for hours. Even if you manage to hide from the guards that long, and if you actually figure out how to make it outside these walls, you're just going to find out you're sitting on a god damn island. And I'm pretty sure you can't outswim the coastguard…"
"You got a boat stashed here?" Sylar questioned, trying to sound uninterested, but this kid was really started to pull her in. He was determined that was for sure.
"No," he admitted shortly, "but I know where we're going to steal one…"
"Alright," she sat up and swung her legs over the side of her bed before getting to her feet for the first time in what seemed like forever, "let's get outta here.~"

The two made quick work of getting out of the prison and soon she touched ground in Stilwater. A happy sigh escaped her, feeling so good about being home once again. Aside from the news about the Saints being disbanded, Julius going missing, and the other gangs taking over, things were fucking great. Carlos suggested she head to the bar to soak up information, and after a change of clothes that was exactly what she did.

She sat down in the bar, ordering herself a beer which she sipped at nonchalantly. The TV suddenly caught her attention, Jane Valderama reporting outside the courthouse where Johnny was having his final trail,
"thought to be the trail of the century…a notorious member of a gang once known as the Third Street Saints, Johnny Gat, was arrested last year in an assassination attempt against then decorated police officer Troy Bradshaw. In the resulting trail Gat was convicted of one count of attempted murder and a staggering 387 counts of first degree murder promptly sendig him…to death row.
A man beside her yelled at the bar tender to turn the TV off, making Sylar fume, but she simply turned to him casually and said, "hey, I was watchin' that."
"I guess you're not anymore are you bitch?"
Sylar growled, grabbing the beer in front of him and slammed in to his face, causing him to fall off his stool. She rolled her eyes and turned back to the bar tender, politely asking him to turn the TV back on, to which he complied.
"In a few short moments, we'll be allowed back in the courtroom and we'll find out once and for all if Mr.Gat will go home a happy man…or a dead one. Back to you Jack." Jane finished her report.
"Oh shit!" Sylar dropped her beer knowing she had to take action and she would have to move fast.
Quickly getting up from her seat she ran out of there, avoiding a fight with a bunch of tattooed douchebags dressed in red trying to fight her. She hijacked a car with little trouble, slammed on the gas and rushed to the courthouse, determined to save Johnny. Like hell she would let him fry, he'd saved her ass a ton of times…

Once there she rushed inside, passed the news cameras and the police, heading up the stairs and busting through anyone who got in her way. Bullets were fired but she was fast enough not to get hit, wrestling some of the police to the ground and using them as a shield until she got to the courtroom.

Inside Johnny was standing, hands cuffed next to Legal Lee, the judge going over his case.

"Mr.Gat, you have been convicted of over three hundred murders….Do you really expect this appeal to work?" She looked up from the binder she was looking it of crime scene photos.
"I figured with the statute of limitations I really think it should be closer to two fifty…" He smirked, fumbling with the cuffs on his wrists.
"There is no statute of limitations for murder!"
He leaned forward, "why the fuck not?"
"Watch yourself Mr.Gat…" The judge glared.
"Or what, you'll hold me in contempt of court? You're already planning on giving me the chair; do you really think I give a shit about you not liking me? Fuck off."
The judge banged her gavel, "I wonder if you can keep your cavalier attitude when two thousand volts are running through your body…"
"Oh yeah, and I'm curious if you can keep acting like a douchebag, when I shove that gavel, up your ass."
Legal Lee chipped in, "my client would like the stricken from the record."

The two glared hard at each other, suddenly brought out of their death stare when the sound of gunfire was heard in the hallway.
"What's that?" The Judge yelled.
They looked to the door, one of the officers moving to check, his gun raised. There was a loud bang on the door and suddenly it broke off its hinges and fell on the officer, a woman screamed.

Sylar came barrelling through the doorway, walking over the door on the security guard, leaned down and picked up the gun he had dropped in the process of falling down. She aimed the gun at another officer attempting to sneak up on her around the corner of the judge's desk and forced him to drop his own gun on the floor. As it fell to the ground it went off, the judge ducking out of the way, along with everyone else in the courtroom. Everyone, but Johnny…
Legal Lee looked up from under the desk, "a-anyone hit need a lawyer?"
Sylar looked over, seeing Johnny in his dark grey pinstriped suit with a purple dress shirt and black tie underneath. He looked back at her in shock, unable to believe she was finally awake.

He all but pissed himself seeing her there.
She grabbed the cuff keys from the guard and began to head over to him.

"'Shit! 'Bout time your burnt ass woke up…" He grinned at her as she tossed him the keys to his handcuffs, which he caught and began to uncuff himself.
"You okay Johnny?"
"Yeah, aside from almost getting' sent to the chair I'm fuckin' great." He threw the cuffs down. "Hey, you look different; you do something with your hair?"
She just shrugged, handing him a gun, "you ready to get outta here?"

He lifted the gun and the two of them made their way out of the courthouse, blowing away cops who seemed to be never ending.  Once outside a trail of bodies was left behind them. She grabbed herself a car and the two got in.

"Ish would kill me if I got the chair." He said, once they were speeding off down the road away from police toward good old Forgive and Forget.
"You're still with Aisha?" Sylar laughed, kind of surprised they'd lasted that long.
"Yeah, with her being on the DL and me bein' locked up in jail, we found a way to make it work…"
"How long were you in there?"
He recites the exact amount of time in years, months and even days.
"Not like you were counting." She grinned sarcastically.
"I know right?" His voice trailed off a moment. "Troy is the chief of Police, King wrote an autobiography, Julius is missin' and don't even get me started on Dex…"

Once the drove through Forgive and Forget Sylar began to head toward Aisha's place. She gripped the wheel harder than she had been before and Johnny noticed how her attitude changed when he mentioned Troy. He could also see some physical changes about her, hair being longer, eyes confused and longing as they drove through the city, a city that had once been theirs. A lot had changed and she didn't like it, especially not that eyesore that was the Ultor building.

"Might have to swing by the station when I get some time and say hello…" She muttered, more to herself than Johnny as they pulled in to the driveway.

"Heh, good to have you back Sy." Johnny chuckled, getting out of the car, not noticing how angry she really was. But she let it go, not wanting to focus on that damn bastard Troy right now. She just wanted to figure out what was going on in her city.

She followed Johnny inside, but not before giving him a brohug. She hadn't seen him in so long it seemed, his hair wasn't it's skunky self but a dull silky black. Not only that, but it seemed he'd become larger as well, in stature and his maturity.

The two headed inside together, Johnny checking quickly behind them to make sure no one had followed.

"You wanna beer?" He offered, heading to the kitchen.
"Yeah, that'd be great." She looked around a little, Aisha posters and platinum CD record plaques hanging on the walls. It was a nice place they had there…

He tossed her one and the two of them took a seat on opposite couches, looking at each other curiously. Both were trying to soak in being together again after such a long period away from each other. With no gang, and no one to back them up, they'd have to start from scratch…

"Johnny, who's that?" A familiar voice called from upstairs.
"Yo, come to the livin' room and find out!" He called back.
"Johnny I don't care if you just broke out of jail, you do not mess with my furni-." Johnny cut her off, pointing to Sylar. Aisha came trotting down the stairs, stopping dead in her tracks when Sylar looked back over the couch, eyes meeting hers. She looked even more shocked than Johnny had. "Oh my god, it's you…!"
"Surprised Aisha?" Sylar chuckled.
"What? That you're here, or that you're talking?"
"Pick one.~"
"We all thought you were dead…"
Sylar nodded, "I almost was…"
"Well, for someone who was blown to hell, you look great.  Did you do something with your hair?"
"Yeah," she rubbed the back of her hair laughing, "I've been getting that a lot."

"Yo, can we get back to business?" Johnny butt in.
"What's the rush?" Aisha put her hands on her hips.
"I've been cooped up on death row," he motioned to Sylar, "and that bitch has been laid out in a coma."
"We definitely need to remind motherfuckers who we are…" Sylar spoke, taking a mouthful of her beer.
"And that can't wait until after dinner?" Aisha protested.
"No." Both Johnny and Sylar spoke in unison.
Aisha laughed, "you two haven't changed at all."
"Well you know, there's a saying about dogs and blowing shit up. Heh heh heh." Johnny laughed, "so what's the plan?"
"We get our crew together," Sylar supposed straightforwardly, "once we got that we can work on how we're takin' back our city."
Johnny gave a nod, "sounds good."
"And where did you plan on having this little meaning?" Aisha looked at the two, who looked to each other, their eyes then wandered the house curiously. "No." She knew what coming as Johnny got up,
"well this place is pretty spacious…"
"No," she repeated.
"The color's very soothing…" Sylar agreed.
"No!" Aisha said again.
"Come on Ish." Johnny whined at her.
"This ain't no fucking gang club house…" Aisha gave him a deathly glare, then turned to ignore him in her little fit...
He sighed and turned back to Sylar, "change of plans."
"We gotta find a new place?" It was more of a statement then a question.
"Yeah…you got it."

Sylar and Johnny said their good byes to Aisha and headed out to the car. She got in the driver's seat and pulled out in to the road. She wasn't sure where they would go, but Johnny seemed to have an idea.

"Head to the old mission house, we should be able to set up shop there…"
"…why don't we just set up shop at the church?" She frowned, glancing over at him for a moment, quickly taking a right.
"Ultor's renovated it and turned it in to a tourist trap…"
"You're kidding me."
"I wish I was… We gotta find a new place, and the mission house will be perfect."
"Religious buildings are kinda… been there done that." She smirked, lightening the mood.
"Hey, we're not stayin' in the mission," he started, "now check it out. Years ago an earth quake dropped part of the city below sea level and rather than clearin' out the rubble, the city just built over it… there's an abandoned hotel below the mission that will work for us."
"Alright," Sylar liked the sounds of that, but she knew there was more to it. "What's the catch?"
"We gotta evict the current tenants."
"Mmmm…sounds like fun." She smiled at the idea. It had been a long time since she'd got to blow a ton of people away.

Eventually the two arrived at the old mission. Sylar parked the car in front of the door and the two of them made their way inside. It looked like a dump, even on the upper area, and it just got shittier the further down they went.

Eventually they had made it to the basement, finding not only homeless people and druggies but Sons of Samedi; one of the rival gangs who had taken over her city. Sylar was irate as she made short work of them all, destroying the Sons of Samedi, the homeless people's shanties and the bums themselves.

"So, watcha think?" Johnny asked as he began to push a body off one of the old couches. He looked up to see Sylar looking around.
"It's kind of a shit hole." She admitted hesitantly.
"True dat…" Johnny sat down, propping his legs up on the body in a heap in front of him to relax. "But it's a shit hole with potential…" He raised his arms behind his head. Sylar made her way over to sit next to him still unsure about it all,
"I dunno man…"
"Aw come on!" He raised his arm in defense, "a stripper pole, some flat screens, some nicer furniture…"
She put her feet up next to him and leered, "you had me at stripper pole…"
"Fuckin' eh." They pounded their fists together and so began the re-rise of the Third Street Saints.

Chapter two of my SR2/SR1 fanfic
Actual title is: For the Guns and the Glory...~

-w- Flash back of when Sy first woke up from her coma

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: here...~

It's a love story (sort of...) Between the notorious Johnny Gat ([link])
And my own character in the game, who is the Boss/Leader of the Third Street Saints after waking up from a 5 year coma and starting the gang over from scratch (it'll all be explained...)
sit back, relax, pull up a bottle of Jack Daniels, and...enjoy...~

I don't know, but if more people become interested I suppose I may make a Third Street Saints club....-w- because I rep the royal purple like nobody's business. XD

Story mine..~ ~xXxSamanieXxX
All the characters (except those I specify like Sylar Armeni) belong to Saints Row/Volition.~
And a lot of the dialog to come I pulled right from the game so I could get as accurate of a story as possible....some things I will change and what not, won't know because chances of you having played this game are very slim.... even though you really should play it because it is so much fun...~
Sylar is mine. (c) ~xXxSamanieXxX

Please ask if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer~

And mild language I suppose.. >_>

NOTE: All flashbacks will be in BOLD and ITALICS.
Thoughts simply in italics
The rest is just normal.. >_>
JwayArting Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Love! Keep writing!:-)
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You had me at the bottle of Jack Daniels.

This sounds really good. Congrats, I am officially hooked in this story haha.
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