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Sylar opened her eyes, coming out of her thoughts. She smiled to herself, remembering all of the events that occurred in that short period of time. Having woken up from a 5 year coma, finding out Johnny was on death row, saving him, starting the Saints from scratch, recruiting all new people and making many new allies, friends, and enemies. Her life was for the gang, and that was all she could have ever wanted… And the best part, she was leader, and with Johnny by her side, no one pushed her around…

"Yo Boss…" Johnny's voice brought Sylar back down to earth. She looked up at him, curious as to what it was he wanted. "Why don't you head out for a walk or somethin', you've been lying out there for quite some time…"
"Yeh, I think you're right…" She pushed herself up off the couch and brushed passed him. She'd slept through the night it seemed... damn that couch was comfortable. "Where's Carlos?"
"Don't know…" He shrugged.
"Ah fuck…" She snarled, grabbing a purple hoodie before heading outside… It was a dark day, kind of cold, damp. Sylar looked in to the sky thoughtfully for a moment, noting the dark clouds overhead. She walked down the street awhile, checking her phone every now and again for any signs of Carlos. She needed her information. This was all driving her insane…

Stopping for a moment she noticed a man in a trench coat coming toward her. Once he saw she was looking he turned to face her and opened the coat up, giving her a full view of the naked body underneath. Horrified, she turned herself away and he continued walking, closing his coat back up. Sylar stared down an alley, seeing a woman getting down on her knees in front of a man by a dumpster. She growled, how fucking disgusting. No one had any respect anymore. Her phone rang, suddenly bringing her out of her thoughts; she looked at the ID and sighed in relief… Carlos.

She picked up the phone.

"Carlos, where the fuck are you?"
"I think your people skills need some work sweetie." The voice of Maero's, the leader of the Brotherhood, girlfriend said, a smile in her voice.
"Jessica…" Sylar smirked. "How'd ya like Maero's new tattoo?"
"Actually, I think it's pretty sexy…rugged, tough…"
"Radioactive…" Sylar piped in.
Jessica laughed, "that's cute."
"I try," she hissed, "now what the fuck do you want?"
"Well, I just wanted to let you know that since you were nice enough to give my man a makeover, I should return the favour… don't worry, by the time we're through with him Carlos'll look just as handsome as Maero."
"Listen up you fuckin' bitch-"
Jessica just continued, "'Course I don't have access to the same materials you did, but ya know, I figure we can make do."
"When I find you-"
"I'm sure you'll do something scary. Do me a favour. When you're scraping up your buddy's face, just remember Maero gave you a chance to be his partner…"

Sylar let her phone fall from her ear, the line going dead. She felt numb in the moment, as if the entire world had disappeared in that moment of time. She shook herself together, knowing she had to find Carlos. She dove out in to the street, a car stopping in front of her. The driver proceeded to yell and scream at her but she just pointed her gun and told them to get the fuck out. Luck was on her side, the person stepped out of the car and ran away as she slid in and slammed the car forward, heading for the docks.

Don't let them hurt Carlos…

Once she neared the docks a large supped up red truck caught her attention, she could clearly see something being dragged along behind it, her heart ramming in to her throat as she quickly took chase after it. The mirror on the side of the car broke off as she scrapped between a large truck and a minivan, but the health of this expensive looking car didn't faze her at all. Loud horns honked and blasted at her as she and the large red truck left them behind. Her speed meter was alright pushing way passed one-hundred…one twenty…one twenty five…

I'm coming Carlos…

For Sylar, being betrayed by Troy, and blown up on Hughes Yacht all those years ago had been hard to handle… but the thought of what the Brotherhood could have possibly been doing o Carlos was almost too much to handle. She saw him like a little brother she felt obligated to protect. Sure, she felt responsible for all those she had recruited but with Carlos it was much different.

Perhaps it was because he was she helped him out of prison, or the fact that he was so eager, and enthusiastic about being a Saint. The way he tried so hard to do everything right, despite his painful inexperience. Whatever reason it was, he never annoyed her the way the others had, his failures never bothered her as much as they probably should have…

She felt her teeth grinding together as she yanked the wheel hard right to turn toward the docks. Her tires smoked and squealed, engine roaring a powerful growl. She was showing no signs of slowing down, gunning it down the dirt path. Determined as all hell…

Damn those Brotherhood bastards. If they wanted to play dirty, then fine. They thought radioactive waste in the tattoo ink was bad? They don't fucking know the hell I'm going to rain down on their fucking heads for this…

Lost in her thoughts it took her a moment to process the Brotherhood truck soaring down her direction. It sped off left as she got closer, and she quickly jerked the wheel to follow. She slammed on the gas harder than ever, shooting passed the big truck, braked hard across the road and slowly climbed out.

The truck didn't slow.

She reached back and slipped the gun out of her waistband…she only had one chance at this, and hoped her aim wouldn't fail her here. A sick smirk crossed her lips as she lifted the gun. Her heart was pounding so heavily she could barely breathe. The anticipation as the truck approached was nearly killing her. Soon, the drivers face was in her view, his eyes widening when he realized what she was going to do. He glared hard, smirking back as if to say Try it bitch, you'll never hit me…

He had no chance to swerve out of the way as she fired off a single bullet. It whizzed down the road, straight through the trucks windshield and in to the drivers head. The truck swerved and came to a stop on the side on the road. Sylar quickly ran over to shoot the guy sitting in the passenger seat as well. She then ran to the truck, approaching the back end, trembling more than she dared to acknowledge.

She was slightly hesitant as she moved to round the bumper, intense fear of what she would see holding her rough enough to make her feel nauseated. She swallowed hard, drew in a deep breath and forced herself to advance, one foot after the other…

It was like a shot in the heart…
Chapter three of my SR2/SR1 fanfic
Actual title is: For the Guns and the Glory...~

What a terrible thing to wake up to...sigh....the next part killed me to write..'s coming soon...

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: Here...~

It's a love story (sort of...) Between the notorious Johnny Gat ([link])
And my own character in the game, who is the Boss/Leader of the Third Street Saints after waking up from a 5 year coma and starting the gang over from scratch (it'll all be explained...)
sit back, relax, pull up a bottle of Jack Daniels, and...enjoy...~

I don't know, but if more people become interested I suppose I may make a Third Street Saints club....-w- because I rep the royal purple like nobody's business. XD

Story mine..~ ~xXxSamanieXxX
All the characters (except those I specify like Sylar Armeni) belong to Saints Row/Volition.~
And a lot of the dialog to come I pulled right from the game so I could get as accurate of a story as possible....some things I will change and what not, won't know because chances of you having played this game are very slim.... even though you really should play it because it is so much fun...~
Sylar is mine. (c) ~xXxSamanieXxX

Please ask if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer~

And mild language I suppose.. >_>

NOTE: All flashbacks will be in BOLD and ITALICS.
Thoughts simply in italics
The rest is just normal.. >_>
JwayArting Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
NO! I hate that mission in the game. :'( butiI love the chapter now to go into my crying corner
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