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Days had passed since Carlos' death. Sylar was laid up in the Saints Penthouse, trying to do stuff to keep her mind off of the tragedy. They held a nice ceremony for him and she got a chance to say her final good byes. She loved that little Mexican more than she ever thought herself capable and she would dearly miss him… her eyes rested on the TV in front of her, losing herself in this new reality, at least until her phone rang…
"Hey Boss.."
"Shaundi," she sighed, "I'm watchin' Bobbie and Amber, can it wait?"
"Not really."
"What's up?"
"Maero's girlfriend just walked in to the bank with a suitcase full of money."
Her heart pounded as she calmly said, "I'll be right over."

As Sylar got up she headed out to her garage and slid in to her sleek little Attrazione. She blasted the stereo and pulled out, heading to the bank, humming along with her music. She smiled sickly, I'm doin' this for you babe…

As she entered the bank it was easy enough to spot Jessica. She grabbed her, using her as a shield so they could make their way up to disable the alarms, now that the doors were locked over the fuss she'd caused. The power was cut and she strolled out of there without so much as a scratch. She took the suitcase of money, Jessica's keys, unlocked her trunk and threw her in, locking it up so she couldn't get out.

Sylar grinned at Shaundi as she climbed in to the nice car.
"What are you planning on doing Boss? Thought you were going to kill her."
"I'm not…" She sang softly, "Maero is."

Shaundi gave Sylar a confused look as she pulled out of the driveway and down the street. She turned up the music in the car to drown out Jessica's incessant banging that was driving her nuts. Damn bitch, can't wait to shut you up…

The loud banging persisted, long after Sylar had dropped the car off at the end of a long line of trashed vehicles, scheduled to be jumped by Maero later that day. She hid amongst the crowd, cheering loudly as Maero revved his enormous trucks engine… Now…if I calculated this correctly… She smiled to herself, loving how pumped up and excited he looked. This would be such sweet endings.

The two trucks took off at the green light, barrelling over car after car, smashing and slamming them like there was no tomorrow. Maero hit a jump, soaring in to the air; everything was going in slow motion. His truck leaned forward, as he came back toward the earth, right toward Jessica's car.

He slammed in to it, the tons of pounds crashing right down on top of Jessica. A large smile tugged at Sylar's lips, Maero skidding in a circle, turning to crash in to the car Jessica was in once again. He pumped his fist triumphantly, hanging out the side of the truck. The crowd went crazy, erupting in loud chants.

A small clap caught Maero's attention, the loud cheers dimming with each step Sylar took in to the arena.

Maero jumped down from his truck, "I'm going to kill you right here, right now…"
"No you're not." Sylar said coolly, face full of a wild excitement as she tossed him the keys to Jessica's car.
"What's this?" He exclaimed catching them in his powerful hand.
"Do me a favour. When you check the trunk, just remember you should have offered me something better than 20 percent… and you shoulda never fucked with my boys."
Maero looked back at the car, then to Sylar, then to the keys. She began to walk away, not worried that he could come after her. She knew he'd be much more curious to see the surprise she had left him in the trunk of that bitch's car…

She left the arena, not once looking back.

That was for you…Carlos.~
Part five :la: og my Johnny Gat love (sorta) story, For the Guns and the Glory...~

Sylar gets her revenge...-w-
Kind of a short part I guess... next part up shortly. -3-

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4:

Story mine..~ ~xXxSamanieXxX
All the characters (except those I specify like Sylar Armeni) belong to Saints Row/Volition.~
And a lot of the dialog to come I pulled right from the game so I could get as accurate of a story as possible....some things I will change and what not, won't know because chances of you having played this game are very slim.... even though you really should play it because it is so much fun...~
Sylar is mine. (c) ~xXxSamanieXxX

Please ask if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer~

And mild language I suppose.. >_>

NOTE: All flashbacks will be in BOLD and ITALICS.
Thoughts simply in italics
The rest is just normal.. >_>
JwayArting Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Vengeance is so sweet! I should feel bad but I don't
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